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The Beginner Course

Nowadays, unfortunately, hectic rush and stress determine more and more often our life. We offer a balance in addition and open to you a new world - the world of the weightlessness and the silence under water.

Or do you like action? Then our name is programme. Whether you inspire the digital underwaters photograph, diving with a Scooter or old submerged ships - experience with us the fascination of the diving! 

Discoveries, exotic places, fantastic colours and breathtaking beauty... this are only some things which you will experience with the diving.  Our beginner courses are the sure ticket in the underwater world. They acquire all knowledge and abilities which you need for a relaxed and sure diving and you are ready for the participation in continuing special courses.

We invite you!  
... to a non-binding, free orientation in our diving centre in Berlin-Mitte/Tiergarten.
Here you find out everything need to know all around the subject Diving. After our conversation you are able to decide certifiedly what it depends to you with the diving on. Thus you start well informed and is relaxing in your new adventure. Appeal to us, we agree with pleasure on an appointment with you.
Something at the beginning:

Modern teaching methods will prepare a lot of fun for you already during the course. Small groups enables the instructor to teach the students individually and give to everybody the sure feeling to be looked well.
Diving can learn everybody. You only have to be healthy and want it, everything other then with us. SSI is called the big worldwide diving organisation whose certificate you can acquire from us. Then everywhere in the world you are accepted as a diver and can dive according to heart desire in the nicest coral gardens of the world. But also in Germany and Europe there are very nice diving aims. Already in the beginner course no matter whether in the SCUBA DIVER - or the OPEN WATER DIVER - course (OWD) you\'ll get to know very nice lakes in the Berlin environs in which a part of your course will take place.

For your diving adventure you receive as a beginner your own Open Water Kit from us which contains, among the rest, the book SSI Open Water Diver. In addition the students get the DVD set to the book. Thus everybody can make itself comfortably at homewith the theoretical connections at the TV. For the practise we do not wait long. It begins in the swimming pool or during the summer in suitable lakes of the surroundings of Berlin. If all necessary theory and practise parts are concluded, the internationally valid certificate is issued. The least participation age amounts 10 years. Course participants between from 10 to 15 years old become after the course end a junior – Brevet A course beginning is possibly WHEN EVER YOU WANT! We carry out courses at every season. If our local lakes should be too cold for you in winter, the course can be finished with a part end, i.e. of the theory & pool part. For the dives in the lake there are several possibilities

  • If it is warmer in the local lakes again, the course is finished there, or 
  • You finish your diving education during one of our group tours in the warm, or 
  • we give you a transfer with the confirmation that theory and pool education were finished after SSI standards and you finish the course on vacation in the warm sea.
Your advantages with us from the first sight:
    • In the price of the beginner course not only your pure diving education with us is included, but also a huge number of other pleasant additional advantages.
    • Certainly you have in your everyday life many firm appointments. With us your diving education should adapt itself to your life. In the "Business" and "Diamond" format you learn the theory when and where you want. At short notice for open question it is agreed more individual. Also with the practise appointments we are adaptable.
    • Your diving education occurs with us in informal atmosphere. Your diving instructor accompany you in your course from the beginning up to the end. This creates trust and guarantees reliability.
    • Your diving education occurs with us in small groups. Your education is thereby very actual and an optimum learning fort writing is guaranteed.
    • Our OWD course participants often conclude the swimming-pool education already after one training day (except OWD-Economy). Should you need other appointments we organise this for you in the business course free of charge.
    • Our lending equipment is top-maintained and always waited topically.
    • They receive your own book, so that you can do up your knowledge of diving also in future before your next dive or before your next dream vacation.
    • Also your internationally approved diving certificate is included from the business level in the course price.
    • Also after the course is to your diving instructor your trust person for all interests of the diving.  He / she dives to me to you in the surrounding lakes, accompanies you with weekend diving excursions and travels with you to the Red Sea.
    • Who knows you better under water than your diving teacher? Exactly this person discusses you by the purchase of your first, own diving equipment.
    • After the end of your OWD education you receive from us a small store of your own diving equipment in the form of a voucher.
    • We take care in all areas to the factors "fun" to do justice "spare time" and "natural experience".You will be surprised as funny our employees are (fun). They will be pleased that we look during your course after the transport of the required diving equipment to the lake (more spare time for you). They will last excellent waters of your education get to know to discover it in which a lot is valid (natural experience). 
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Tauchen in Berlin – erkunde eine neue Welt! Ob Schnorcheln lernen oder "richtiges" Tauchen – wer es einmal in freier Natur ausprobiert hat, den lässt es nicht mehr los. Erstaunlich ist, dass man bereits wenige Meter unter Wasser eine völlig andere Realität erleben kann als im Alltag an Land! Wenn du dich fürs Tauchen in Berlin interessierst, bist du bei uns goldrichtig. Neben unserer Tauchschule in Berlin findest du bei uns auch noch einen gut sortierten Tauchshop für Berlin und die Region.

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